“I’m On Fire”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Las Vegas has been nuked. Thousands killed and many more of the residents are now refugees. But this is the beginning of a sinister plan. Communist Mexican troops that have been massing at the border cross over in a police action. The U.S. government is not responding to this aggression. Only Senator Creek and Monday’s people stand in the way. Lt. Rosa Winters shows up to arrest Creek with a division of Rangers. Seeing the invading army she decides to defy orders to pull back and join Creek in fighting the Mexicans.

“I Cross My Heart”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

The official government news paints a very positive picture of the Las Vegas blast. Few casualties because “there weren’t that many people in the area.” The fallout is harmlessly falling into the Pacific Ocean and all the survivors are happy and well cared for. This broadcast is interrupted by La Duke’s pirate broadcast that sets the record straight. His broadcast brings government agents who are promptly ambushed and disarmed. The agents get left tied to a cactus with the leader tied under a cow.

The story is entering an exciting phase. Las Vegas nuked and the Mexican army is invading. What’s more this was all planned by people in the government. Some sinister plan by the Legion of Man. Scout and Rosa are now working together. The next issue is going to be a real battle.

The second story was a nice bit of comic relief after such a serious main story. I just love La Duke’s way of saying things. “There’s two kinds of people in this world pal– those that hold guns up to the heads of wise-mouthed college educated east-coast neo-fascists in business suits, and those that wet their pants. You’ll notice that I have the gun.”

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