“….And Men Shall Name Him….Victorius!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Dan Adkins

The AIM scientist who took the super soldier serum now calls himself Victorius and has taken control of AIM. He kidnaps agent Bobbi Morse and takes her to an AIM castle in upstate New York. Ka-zar enlists the aid of Nick Fury to find the location of the castle and get a jet ride to the location. Fury also gives Ka-zar their own super soldier serum to use in defeating Victorius. Now Ka-zar doesn’t like the idea of the serum and decides to throw it away and rely on his own formidable strength.

This proves a wise move since Ka-zar easily beats up the guards and his brother the Plunderer. Then he smacks down Gemini and finally the big man himself Victorius. He frees agent Morse who runs out to recover the discarded serum. Ka-zar seems confident that its over but Victorius is shown as far from being done.

The Ka-zar New York/AIM adventure is coming to a close. The next issue hints at an action packed conclusion. An enjoyable story. Ka-zar is his blustery self who shows off his “mightier than the mastodon. Swifter than the Cheetah.” The romance between Ka-zar and Bobbi Morse seems to be ending. There is a strong attraction but the differences are too great. Ka-zar hates the city and Bobbi is a city girl. Looking forward to the conclusion.

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