“Black Cat Bone”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Senator Craig Creek is getting ready for a national broadcast. He wants to expose the government and is setting up a pirate broadcast. He hired both the Swords of Texas and Beau La Duke to collect crucial equipment on a chartered plane in Las Vegas. So Scout, La Duke and Banner of the Swords of Texas head out. When they reach the plane it has been hijacked by Ortega. Ortega has the stolen nuke and plans to frame Senator Creek with it exploding. A fight on the plane results in the nuke falling out and detonating over Las Vegas.

“Poison In My Coffee”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Bill Jaska

Rosa Winters a newly promoted lieutenant is back from OTS to meet with President Carver. She is accompanied by Mossad agent Glanzman. The meeting with President Carver and VP Loper discusses the growing threat to the south. Communist Mexican forces are gathering for an invasion. The government needs Isreali arms and training. Also Winters still has to find the missing nuke from Mount Fire. At the end it is revealed that VP Loper is in league with the Legion of Man and their grand scheme.

Well the story is now basically bringing together all the main characters in the Scout universe. Scout, La Duke, the Swords of Texas, The Disciples of Soul, Rosa Winters, President Carver, VP Loper, and Monday. Armies are gathering for a final confrontation and a nuclear explosion destroys Las Vegas. It really makes the reader anxious to find out what happens next.

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