“Gog Cometh!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Dan Adkins

Ka-zar is now confronted by his brother and the giant alien Gog. While he is able to smack down Gemini, Gog is just too powerful for him. Bobbie Morse arrives and tries to negotiate with the Plunderer to buy back the super-soldier serum. He decides to decline and has Gog use his alien technology to teleport them to an AIM base in England. But Gog decides to rebel. He transports them instead to the Statue Of Liberty. After tearing off the statue’s arm Gog then teleports to the top of the World Trade Center and then disappears probably returning to his home world. Ka-zar is able to beat up Gemini and the Plunder and take back the super-serum. Meanwhile in England at the AIM base a Shield agent attempts to steal their super-soldier serum. He fails and the lab blows up. The scientist takes the serum to survive and now has special powers.

Well this was a fun and fast paced adventure. Ka-zar manages to foil the plot of his brother and Gemini. The two villains didn’t like each other and had plans to betray each other. The alien Gog desertion was what threw a monkey wrench into the whole plan. This was kind of too easy a plot device so I just give this story an OK instead of an excellent. It ends with the AIM scientist now a super-soldier who will more than likely cause problems in the next issue.

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