Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan faces his son now brought to adulthood by Deimos. Deimos had wanted to raise the child to hate the father but settles for the next best thing. He takes over Joshua’s mind and has him battle the Warlord. Morgan doesn’t have it in him to fight his son and stays on the defensive. At the last moment Joshua disarms Morgan and has him at his mercy. A reflex of Morgan has him shoot Joshua with his pistol. Morgan after such a devastating loss goes at Deimos with the intention of chopping him into little pieces. Deimos turns into a dragon.

Just then Tara, Machiste and Mariah enter after evading the demons of Deimos and finding a secret passage into the castle. Tara through her grief used the hellfire stone to turn Deimos back into a man. Their dog Shadow then attacks Deimos and hurdles them both into the stake filled mote that surrounds the castle. Morgan devastated by the loss of his son goes off on his own. An epilogue has the witch Alysha taking the real Joshua to live with a peasant family. The Joshua killed was a clone created by Deimos. Definitely not the end.

So the quest comes to a conclusion in a very tragic and unexpected ending. Morgan kills his son. Yet unknown to him his son is still alive. Grell has really set up a wealth of future storylines. There are very extremes of emotion in this story. Hate, sadness, anger all on display. Morgan’s attitude is one of a somewhat immature man. He retreats into self pity that the world didn’t work out for him and leaves his mate and friends when they need him the most. That’s what I love about this series. The characters have believable flaws which makes them real.

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