“Sheena Queen of the Jungle”
Writers: Steven E De Souza & Robert Rodi
Artist: Matt Merhoff

Laura Jeffries is Harrison Cardwell’s right hand woman. She has been for over twenty-one years and is totally ruthless. She has come to the hospital to investigate the captured jungle goddess. Sheena is locked in a hospital room in a strait jacket. Jeffries goes to the environmentalist Kellerman who’s also a patient in the hospital. She convinces him to go talk to Sheena. Pushed into the room he loosens the strait jacket and is immediately attacked. He does convince Sheena he isn’t the enemy and finds out she can speak English. Sheena busts out the window and climbs down using sheets. She also takes Kellerman to guide her through the strange city.

So we get some more info on Sheena in this issue. She can speak English and has a psychic link to animals. It also introduces a main villain in the story. Laura Jeffries is a beautiful yet ruthless woman. We find out that she was responsible for the plane accident that killed Cardwell’s son and family. She is also basically in charge of the company. Harrison Cardwell is old and getting senile. Jeffries also suspects that Sheena is Cardwell’s granddaughter and will stop at nothing to make sure that never becomes public.

Another fun story and Sheena looks so damn hot.


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