Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Missy is forced to play for Savage Henry’s band. As the concert starts the Disciples of Soul come roaring in on their pickup truck. They challenge Lex Lucifer and his band to a blues playoff. The epic Battle of the Bands begins and both sides gain a grudging respect for each others talent. Just as Savage Henry is about to get violent the mayor of Las Vegas Mayor Clint who looks suspiciously like Clint Eastwood comes. He tears up the contract and warns Savage Henry to behave. As the group starts to drift away Monday returns with a Senator Craig Creek. An epic battle with the Legion of Man is coming.

“If I Don’t Be There By Morning”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday recovers from his wounds. He gets a cybernetic attached shotgun that he can just think and shoot. We learn that he is immortal and has lived centuries. A Senator Creek comes to offer his services to the Samothracians with the coming battle against the Legion of Man. At the end we learn that the Soviet Union is now controlled by the Legion and is using the Mexicans for some move at world domination.

“The Sessions- February, 1987”
A gallery of pictures showing the recording of the flexi-disc insert by the Dixie Pistols. Looks like the guys had a lot of fun.

“Real Man Spot Quiz:”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Another satirical quiz by Beau La Duke. You can answer the questions and send in. No prize is mentioned.

This Scout had a flexi-disc insert and had recorded the songs that were played in the story. Truman is a blues lover and has his own band the Dixie Pistols. This was a personal project for the author and a tribute to the blues. I never removed the disc from my comic. Didn’t have a record play back in 1987 but I’m sure its good. Also find out that after the economy collapses Clint Eastwood looks like he moved up and became mayor of Las Vegas. And of course the story ends with a promise to reunite all the major characters in the Scout universe for a climactic battle between two ancient groups.

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