“Target: Ka-zar!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Dan Adkins

Ka-zar is once again all dressed up and out at dinner with Bobbie Morse. A robbery is foiled by Ka-zar but Bobbie and Ka-zar get in an argument. She thinks that Ka-zar was irresponsible to put the lives of the restaurants patrons by confronting the robbers. The argument is interrupted when a call comes from Nick Fury to attend a meeting on the heli-carrier. Dr. Calvin has perfected the super-soldier serum. During the meeting the criminal Gemini rushes in and steals the formula.

Now Gemini is the criminal Josh Link who can merge and take over his brother Damien Link the NYPD liaison with Shield. Gemini manages to make it to a jet but not before Ka-zar manages to grab on to the landing gear. The plane lands in New Jersey and Ka-zar finds out who Gemini is working for. It is none other than his brother the Plunderer and an alien named Gog.

So a lot of stuff is finally revealed in this issue. The main AIM agent behind all the trouble is Ka-zar’s brother. Its also nice to see they remember the Link brothers from a story back in issue #8. I liked how they brought back these characters and created the villain Gemini. It also looks like the romance between Ka-zar and Bobbie Morse is running into a snag. There is friction over their lifestyle. She loves the city and Ka-zar has nothing but contempt for it.

So the cliffhanger ending sets up a real epic battle in the next issue.

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