Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has now gained an ally in his quest. Mariah and Machiste’s band is now following him into the land of perpetual shadow. The land at where the north polar opening meets the surface world. Here there is no sunlight. Deimos the object of Morgan’s quest is observing this and evens the odds. He creates an earthquake that causes a rockslide that kills most of his men. Then flying demons come and finish off the rest leaving Morgan, Tara, Mariah and Machiste all that’s left.

They arrive at Deimos castle and Morgan goes first. The bridge collapses and the iron grill gate comes down separating Morgan from his companions. He goes alone and confronts Deimos. Deimos is in a form of living death. He must stay out of sunlight or he’ll rot and must drink human blood regularly. He has a champion for Morgan to fight. He reveals Morgan’s son Joshua. Using Atlantean science he accelerates his growth to adulthood. Morgan is to fight his own son.

The quest is coming to an end. Morgan finally confronts Deimos and with his Atlantean machines looks like he will make the father fight the son. Unknown to Morgan Deimos also created a clone of Joshua in case he loses he can use the clone as a bargaining tool. Deimos is one crafty evil bastard. The cliffhanger ending sets up an exciting final showdown with no obvious ending. Its good that Grell doesn’t drag out the quest forever but brings a reasonable conclusion to it.


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