“Sheena Queen of the Jungle”
Writer: Steven De Souza & Robert Rodi
Artist: Matt Merhoff

A young man named Kellerman is leading a protest to stop Cardwell Industries from plowing down a section of the rain forest in Val Verde. The industrial executive is not impressed and tries to convince Kellerman of the futility of his protest. Suddenly flaming arrows are raining down on the bulldozers setting them on fire. Both the workers and the protesters except the exec and Kellerman remain behind. They see a young blonde woman in leopard skins setting fire to the equipment. When the exec pulls a pistol he is attacked by a panther. Kellerman has a tranq pistol that puts down the panther. Then he has to tranq an angry jungle goddess.

This is intercut with the story of Harrison Cardwell. He moves his company down to Val Verde because of no government regulations. Later his son marries a local girl and they have a daughter. Later a bloody revolution takes place and a General Henriquez takes over vowing to remove foreign corporate influence in Val Verde. But the economy is collapsing so makes a deal with Cardwell. This estranges him from his son who takes his family back to the states. A plane ride that was fated for disaster.

The first in the Sheena series does a great job of setting up what the story will be about. It introduces the main players and Sheena’s crusade against the Cardwell Corporation’s destruction of the rain forest. It also introduces an ally and possible love interest in Kellerman. At the end Kellerman finds a gold bracelet on Sheena’s foot which we saw earlier Harrison giving to his granddaughter. So its very obvious that Sheena is Cardwell’s long lost and presumed dead granddaughter. It all sets up an interesting story. And of course Sheena is just sexy as hell. Must be the leopard skins. Don’t know what it is about leopard skins on a woman.

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