“Blues Hit Big Town”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and Monday are in Las Vegas for some mysterious reason that Monday has not yet divulged. He has some business to take care of and leaves Scout alone. While wandering the streets he sees a poster for his old friend Missy who is now the hottest act in town. He visits her and while there a CPA for a Savage Henry comes with the band Blue Scream. He produces a contract that Missy had with Savage Henry’s father for ‘Entertainment Services.’ He demands that she come to the Cactus Kingdom to start her new gig with the Blue Scream. Naturally Scout and the Disciples of Soul have other plans.

“If I Don’t Be There By Morning”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday has just split from Scout and is being stalked through the alleys of Vegas by professional killers. Monday is also a professional and manages to ambush them. He then meets up with his old Vietnam war buddy Wizard. He’s part of the Samothracians the group that opposes the Legion of Man.

“The Virtues of Beer; The Pitfalls of Marriage Minded Women”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Another installment of Beau La Duke’s tips for real men. This is why real men prefer beer over women.
You don’t have to buy beer dinner.
When a beer gets flat you can toss it.
You can always pick up a beer in a bar.
A beer won’t get mad at you for coming home with beer on your breath.
A beer doesn’t mind cold hands.
You can have more than one beer and not feel guilty.
And most important of all…
A beer won’t get mad when you pass out.

This installment of Scout is sort of an intermission before the big event. Scout reunites with some old friends and there’s going to be a big battle of the bands. Truman is a big blues fan and this will be his tribute. Las Vegas is apparently the only city in America that still is going strong. Indeed I guess the future dystopia doesn’t effect sin city.

The Monday backup gives us some more insight into the character. It has been hinted that Monday is old and we find out he was around for the French Revolution. We also find out that there is another ancient group known as the Samothracians that have been fighting the Legion of Man. At the end we find out that the stolen warhead hasn’t been forgotten and will play a major part of the storyline.

La Duke’s tips for beer. Well what can I say it makes sense.

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