“To Stalk a City!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Rich Buckler

Ka-zar is back in the loincloth as he stalks the city at night with Zabu. He is looking to finish his fight with the Pusher. The Pusher has the same idea. He uses Vinnie who was let out of jail as bait to lure Ka-zar so he can finish him. He successfully ambushes him but the timely intervention of Vinnie who gains a conscious distracts the Pusher. Vinnie suffers a good beating but gives Ka-zar time to recuperate so he can give the Pusher a big can of whup-ass. The Pusher goes off to jail and Dr. Calvin is reunited with her son.

Round two of the Ka-zar/Pusher fight. Ka-zar has ditched the clothes in favor of his trusty loincloth. The Pusher is shirt and shoes challenged also. Another fun ’70s action filled issue. The Pusher was working for AIM who want Dr. Calvin so the danger from AIM is probably not over. My guess is some more formidable foe will appear next issue.

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