“Wolves of the Steppes”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Tara are making good time searching Skartaris in the alien rocket sleds. Morgan feels that the best place that describes what the witch Saaba told them where Deimos would be is the area were Skartaris meets the outer world. A land of half-light half-shadow. At this time they are being observed by Deimos in his crystal ball. He conjures up a fierce thunderstorm. This storm disables Tara’s sled and forces her down. It is here that a group of brigands find her. The leader Torgash takes a fancy to Tara and starts pawing her.

She doesn’t care for his advances and chops off his hand. This starts a fight which Morgan and their dog Shadow enter. Just as it seems the two will triumph the fuel tank explodes on the downed sled and knocks them both unconscious. When they come to they are tied to a post at the brigands HQ. The brigands have decided to feed the two to two giant green bears. Morgan breaks free but Torgash gets out of the way in time and a helpless lackey gets pushed into the bear pit. Torgash then tosses Tara in with him. As it looks like this is the end a spear kills one of the bears. A rope descends and a voice tells them to climb out. It is Mariah and Machiste who have returned and are the leaders of this band of brigands.

So the quest is getting closer to finding their son. We get to see Deimos who is forced to drink blood to stay alive. He has a plan to have Morgan’s son kill his father. How that will happen in such a short time is unexplained but he seems confident in some plan of his. We also have the return of Mariah and Machiste. This with an army will be a great help in confronting Deimos.


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