“Master Mind”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Gene Colan & Alfredo Alcala

Dr. Sheila Marks is a psychologist with a controversial method of treating multiply personality disorders. Banner has come to her for help in treating his condition. She agrees to try her experimental treatment on him. It makes the Hulk personality come out without the transformation. The Hulk personality is paranoid and delusional. Now Banner runs through the streets of New York striking out at imagined monsters. Dr. Marks must somehow find him and bring back Banner’s personality.

“It’s A Monster!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Gene Colan & Bob Wiacek

An old man is celebrating the world record he set for sitting on a flagpole 60 years ago. People these days think its stupid and that depresses the old man. At this time the Hulk is rampaging through the place. Everything gets him angry cars, loud construction equipment, smokestacks and screaming people. He comes to the flagpole and smiles thinking a man on a flagpole is silly. This brings tears to the old man for someone finally appreciates what he’s doing.

“Heaven Is A Very Small Place!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: Herb Trimpe & John Severin

The Hulk is out in the middle of the desert when he comes upon a small town. This town is a slice of Americana. The thing that Hulk notices is that the people don’t go screaming in panic when he arrives. In fact they go about their business as if nothing out of the ordinary. The Hulk likes this and wants to stay in the town forever but its actually a mirage and disappears. This causes the Hulk to hit the ground causing a small tremor picked up hundreds of miles away.

Well three Hulk stories and all of them dealt with the psychological nature of the Hulk. The first with the conflicting personalities of Banner and the Hulk. Both hate and fear each other. The second story about how people and the Hulk have different perceptions about the world around them. And the third was what the Hulk really seeks out. He wants desperately to be accepted as normal. The third one was my favorite. This really captured the tragedy of the Hulk and made the reader feel sympathetic toward him.

So these stories were essentially thinking mans stories and I found it a nice change of pace from battling the various evil no goodniks that the Hulk usually fights.


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