“Sheena Queen of the Jungle”
Writer: Robert Rodi
Artist: Steven Cummings

View on Val Verde a popular news show from the fictional South American nation of Val Verde. They are examining the legend of the Maytenda or Jungle Witch. They interview people who claim to have seen her. The CEO of Cardwell Industries who blame the myth on radical environmentalists. The radical environmentalists who blame Cardwell Industries. An anthropologist who blames it on the rapid changes to society from the influx of wealth. It ends with the wife of the president for life threatening to revoke journalists freedoms for the wild speculations. A man watching the show hears what sounds like some kind of commotion outside. Grabbing his rifle he is confronted by destruction and a beautiful blonde in leopard skin riding a panther. She shoots the man with her bow and frees the conscripted peasants of the evil Cardwell Corporation.

“Sheena 101”
Writer: Timothy Straub

An article on the history of the character Sheena. Conceived in 1937 for a British pulp magazine. Sheena later went on to a successful comic book series in the ’40. The ’50s had a TV show. The ’80’s a movie and the ’00s saw another TV series.

“Welcome to the Jungle!”
Artists: Matt Markoff, Joe Juska & Khary Randalph.

A portfolio by three artists and their interpretation of Sheena.

The introduction of the popular character Sheena in her own new comic series. She is now transported to the fictional country of Val Verde and we get introduced to the world Sheena will inhabit. It is one of extreme wealth and poverty as the commercials for Rolls-Royce and a casino are shown against donation appeals for the Mission of Mercy that helps the poor. The country is a dictatorship and the first lady is clearly a moonbat. There is a corporation that is exploiting the rainforest. Into all this is the lovely Sheena. An incredible sexy blonde in leopard skins. There is something extremely hot about a girl in a leopard skin furkini. Definitely looking forward to this series.

The article about Sheena was really informative and a nice supplement to the comic. This and the story do a good job of introducing the world and what it will be about.

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