“Key to the Highway”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and Monday are on the road after breaking out of the V.A. hospital in Maine. After attacking some targets to make it look like they are heading south, they take the back roads in their ’55 Bel Aire and head west back to Scouts home territory. They pass through an economically and environmentally devastated America avoiding the police and Salvation Army reservists. They get in a fight with the locals in Kansas and the two stop at Scout’s uncle who owns a junk yard in New Mexico. Scout goes through a sweat lodge to cleanse the drugs out of him. A vision of a monster is defeated by an army of tiny beans wielding spears. The uncle gives the two a motorcycle/sidecar combo with a .30 caliber to continue on their way.

“She’s a Hum-Dum Dinger From Dingersville”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: John K. Snyder III

Missy and the New Disciples of Soul are playing to sold out crowds at the Circus Maximus in Vegas. There is trouble on the way. The rival group that the completion hired called “Lex Lucifer and the Blue Scream” have arrived. Trouble is sure to ensue.

“Do-It-Yourself Maintenance For National Guard Defence Vehicles!”
Writer: Steven Scott Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Another Beau La Duke’s tips for real men installment. This time he shows how to take care of National Guard vehicles. Take the extra fuel cans to cut down on weight. Break off the antenna to cut wind resistance. Make sure the tires don’t have too much air with the special tire gauge(aka a knife). And of course fill the air vents with cow dung to give the city boys the air of the open range.

This was a great story. Monday and Scout are now together. The road trip gives us a glimpse of what the country looks like outside of the southwest. Not a real pretty sight. Pittsburgh is a ghost town. A country western cult controls West Virginia keeping the moonshine flowing and the cops out. The Midwest farmland is desolate and a water pipeline takes water from the great lakes having to be protected from Canadian saboteurs. The Beanworld cameo was handled well and fit logically into the story. Monday is still mysterious and makes the reader want to know more about his past.

The short backup story with the band sets up a conflict that will bring together everyone since Monday and Scout are heading to Vegas.

The La Duke segment is another humorous installment. La Duke really loves the National Guard.

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