“…And Who Will Call Him Savage?”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Gil Kane

Ka-zar and Zabu are taking a walk at night in New York when they hear cries for help. Responding they rescue a drug dealer from getting killed by thugs. After rescuing the man he gets into a fight with the police and has to flee. Picked up by Barbara Morse the two head over to Dr. Calvin’s apartment and find that the thug he confronted is taking Dr. Calvin in a fake ambulance. After rescuing Dr. Calvin and getting her safely to the hospital Ka-zar then turns his attention on his captive Vinnie. Allowing him to escape he tracks him to the headquarters of his boss known as The Pusher. The Pusher is a karate expert and gives Ka-zar a good fight but still not good enough to take him.

Wow. Ka-zar in pants! And a shirt! Shoes and socks! He’s dressed for a night on the town. Still Ka-zar is Ka-zar and manages to kick ass all over the place. I love his adventures in ’70s New York. This is sort of like Tarzan meets Shaft. Its revealed at the end that the thug Vinnie is actually Dr. Calvin’s son which brings up some interesting potential. Also The Pusher was attempting to kidnap Dr. Calvin for someone. AIM? Some other sinister organization? The New York adventure is off to a good start.

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