Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Tara continue their quest for Joshua when they are attacked by a dinosaur. Fleeing they come to a strange clearing that the dinosaur is afraid to enter. The clearing turns out to be a trench that looks like it was carved out of the jungle. Soon after a giant red moon appears and disgorges rocket sleds. The sleds manage to capture the two and take them inside the moon. It is here that they find out that the moon is actually a spaceship carrying the last survivors of a civilization. The aliens are attempting to cross-bred with humans so they can settle this new world.

Morgan is not interesting in being a human lab rat and assaults the commander and tries to escape. Captured he is subjected to a beam that starts to turn him into a bull man. Tara is taken to the commanders chambers where he tries to get romantic. But Tara manages to grab the commander’s pistol and escape. She forces the alien manning the machine to turn Morgan back to human then they steal some rocket sleds. A guard fires at them while they escape and hits the reactor causing the moon to explode.

The third part of the quest for Morgan and Tara’s son. This story has a heavy element of science fiction in it with aliens and their experiments. Another fun adventure the two have in the world of Skartaris. The rocket sleds will be a big help in their quest. Grell still keeps the reader in the dark on what the overall plan in finding Deimos is but you get a sense that something is coming to advance that plot thread along. If there is any complaint its the easy way that the moon was destroyed. I think he should have kept the aliens around. There was a wealth of possible future storylines from them still knocking around Skartaris.

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