“Where Prowls The Devil Shark”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Dan Spiegle

Keera is now living with Tragg’s tribe in the caves by the sea. We start with two cavemen trying to take her as a mate. Thus Tragg must come in and beat some sense into them. Keera is thankful for Tragg’s intervention but is feeling lonely so decides to sneak away and live by herself. It is while hunting that she is attacked by a dinosaur. At this time Zorak and his followers are jetting through the skies looking for the traitor Ferenk who tried to start a revolt.

Zorak and his fellow Sky Gods manage to kill the dinosaur and Zorak makes a move on Keera which is quickly repulsed. Angered he orders Keera executed but his men miss shooting her on purpose. Still an arrant shot knocks her off the cliff into the sea. A large Devil Shark is prowling the waters for food and zeros in on Keera. Luckily Tragg and Lorn are there to jump in and rescue her. Tragg being a badass manages to kill the 120 foot shark with a stone tipped spear. When the three make it to the beach they are confronted by Zorak. At the last minute they are rescued by Ferenk who drives him off. Ferenk and Keera fall in love and they depart in peace with a new found respect for each other.

“Valley of the Shadow”
Writer: Unknown

Tragg with his mate Lorn, his brother Jarn and some other tribesmen have come to the Valley of the Shadow to hunt game. The others are superstitious about entering the valley. A shadow of a skull is visible and they believe an evil spirit inhabits the valley. Tragg doesn’t believe in evil spirits so with Lorn and Jarn descend. They find the skull shaped rock casting the shadow and topple it ending the evil curse.

So this is the last of the Tragg comics. It was a solid story. Keera finds someone to love. Zorak once again gets his ass kicked. Dinosaurs, giant shark and a one page cheezy story at the end round out the experience. I guess we will never find out how it ends with the Sky Gods. Reinforcements were on the way. Also how it ended with the Dark Gods introduced last issue. Tragg obviously came out the victor because homo sapiens went on to evolve into the modern society of today with comic books, cars and canned beer. I think this is a good title to get a reboot. It has all the elements for a great series.

So anyway Tragg fades into the mists of time as an obscure series from the ’70s. Remembered fondly by me.

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