“The Night of the Looter!”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Buscema

A tank is rolling through the Savage Land. A guy named Ralph and his wife Carla are there to find Vibranium. The tank is followed by the Swamp Men who worship the tank as a god. Carla the wife has married Ralph solely for his money and lets him know it. Ralph is somewhat of a wuss and desperate to prove to Carla that he is a man. Ka-zar is not happy with the intruders who have invade his realm to steal his Vibranium. Carla has plans to get rid of Ralph so she can have the Vibranium all to herself. Eventually the two find the Vibranium but that is their undoing because Vibranium melts metal and it melts their tank. The Swamp Men are angered and take out their wrath on Carla who inadvertently sealed her fate when she replace the bullets in her husbands gun with blanks so he would get killed.

“Jungle Fever!”
Writer & Artist: Unknown.

Jann the jungle girl has gone deep into the swamp to retrieve a rare red orchid for her boyfriend. The red orchid thought has a deadly effect on the native population. Only the rarer black orchid can cure the natives. Now Jann must go deeper into the swamp and fight dinosaurs to retrieve the black orchid.

Another filler story due to deadlines. This was a fun story. Carla the gold-digger wife was just over the top. She didn’t even pretend to like her husband. The husband Ralph was also over the top as a wimpy guy desperate to please his wife. Throw in Swamp Men, dinosaurs and a tank and you have a great mix. I wonder where you can buy a tank and have it shipped to Antarctica.

The Jann of the Jungle story was an old reprint from the forties or fifties. A bit hokey but an interesting read. Still I will prefer a return to current storyline. Looking forward to the adventures in New York.

2 thoughts on “ASTOUNISHING TALES #14 KA-ZAR

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