“Stormy Monday”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artists: Timothy Truman & Flint Henry

Scout is forced to free Monday from his prison cell. Monday knows about Scout and want him to come along. Scout doesn’t trust the big stranger and a fight ensues. The two later join forces to evade the guards and escape from the V.A. Hospital. A group of Indians is waiting for them and give them food, clothing and a ’55 Bel Aire.

“3-D Horror”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harking

Another installment of Beau La Duke’s tips from real men. This time he plans to spend some quality time with his sons. So they go off in the big tire pickup truck. It breaks down and the bored kids decide to play with the ‘toys’ which are real assault rifles.

Well this is a 3-D special issue and I can say that I don’t care for the gimmick. Yeah its 3-D when you look through the glasses but I think it hurts the artwork. Also someone like me with glasses finds the 3-D glasses awkward and uncomfortable. The story is ok but obviously written more with 3-D action than any substance in mind. The only important thing about this forgettable issue is that Monday and Scout are united which is sure to be an exciting story when the non 3-D stories come back.

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