“Uncle Sam Blues”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Rick Veitch

Scout is locked up in the Worromontogus Veteran’s hospital in Maine. The doctors keep him pumped full of Xanax and locked in a padded room. It his here that Scout has visions. He talks to the Ghan, Mr. Deluxe and his dead mother and father. They encourage him to escape and find the man who is a shadow. Scout manages to throw up the Xanax and make a break for it. It ends with the mysterious man in a locked cell reaching out and grabbing Scout in a headlock threatening to break his neck if he doesn’t unlock the door. The man is Monday the Eliminator.

“Mean Red Spider”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Ben “Mangazine” Dunn

A truck is leaving the recently closed down Mt Fire. A mercenary group called the Swords of Texas ambush the truck and steal its cargo of guns and rations. They then go and sell the stuff to a shady Mexican revolutionary named Ortega. Ortega double-crosses the Swords and almost kills the leaders best friend. In reality it was a setup to steal a red box with a nuclear warhead inside.

This Scout story is a real psychedelic treat. The story is one dark disturbing place. The art shows all the ugliness of the people and place that this poorly run V.A. hospital is. Scout himself looks horrible as the drugged out drooling man that falls into his own excrement. Very interesting if somewhat depressing story. Also it sets up the team-up of Scout and Monday.

The Swords of Texas are introduced and they are an interesting group of people. They will play a much more important part in the story including the theft of the nuclear warhead.


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