“Visions In a Crimson Eye”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is brooding about losing his son to Deimos. Luckily Tara has her act together and a plan to start searching for her son. So the two with a dog named Shadow go off to see Saaba the Witch. Saaba demands payment of the Eye of Shakakhan as payment for locating their son. The eye is in the possession of the tree people. After being ambushed by the tree people Morgan and Shadow are left for dead while Tara is taken to be a sacrifice for Shakakhan. Morgan and Shadow are able to rescue Tara and beat the tree people. The eye located in a giant wooden statue comes alive when its removed but luckily fire takes care of Shakakhan. The eye reveals that Deimos is in a land of perpetual twilight and plans to raise the son to kill Morgan.

So begins the quest for Morgan’s son Joshua. It starts off with a fun adventure filled with action, savages and a giant wooden tree god. I like that Tara is shown as the strong one. While Morgan wallows in self-pity that life isn’t fair she gets things going. Morgan does have his character flaws which makes him more believable and someone you can sympathize with. He does get into the quest and at the end destroys the eye to keep Saaba from gaining power showing he still cares about right and wrong. A very good start to a new storyline.


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