Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Mike Zeck & John Tartaglione

Banner is wandering the streets of New Orleans after Mardi Gras when a knife with a message gets thrown at him. The message says to meet at the airport and holds out a possible cure. Arriving he finds two people in a seaplane ready to take him to a guy named Drago in the Florida Everglades. They purposely crash the plane to confirm that Banner is really the Hulk. Later at Drago’s he finds out that Drago wants to use the Hulk to recover sunken Spanish treasure. In reality he wanted a sample of his blood for his own shady research. Now he plans to kill Banner with explosives and his giant mutant octopus.

“Marvel’s Live-Action Heroes”
Writer: Tom Rogers

An article on the attempts to bring Marvel heroes as live action shows. The first is the forties serial of Captain America. Then goes into the Reb Brown attempt. Talks about the successful Hulk TV series and the Spider-man series that followed. It ended with a pilot for Doctor Strange.

“A Hulk/Nebres Portfolio
Writer: Rich Marschall
Artist: Rudy Nebres

A portfolio by inker Rudy Nebres and his pictures of the Hulk with witty commentary by Rich Marschall.

This Hulk story was a very well done story. It was a mystery set in exotic locations like New Orleans and the Everglades. Yes it was another mad scientist but it was more believable than before and a fine balance between story and action. All the characters were believable and I think one of the finest to date for the new format.

The article on live-action shows was very interesting. I especially enjoyed hearing about the old ’40s serial. I vaguely remember watching it on TV Saturday afternoons and found it quite enjoyable. Of course the Reb Brown movies were horrible. Still I have an nostalgic feeling for the old early attempts at bringing Marvel heroes to live action shows. Who would have guessed they’d be raking in billions thirty years later.


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