Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has finally arrived at Shamballah. Yet there is obviously something up when a laser shot almost takes out Morgan as he was scouting the area in the trees. A group of refugees confirm that some demon from underground has killed the king and driven the populace out. They also tell Morgan that Tara is waiting for him in the palace. Quickly he runs to the palace and finds Tara who is somewhat angry feeling that Morgan abandoned her. A fight breaks out between Mariah and Tara which Morgan quickly puts an end to. Mariah is heartbroken and flees with Machiste following her.

Morgan has little time to reconcile with his friends as laser blasts start coming from the floor. Morgan and Tara seek shelter and Morgan is introduced to his newborn son. Leaving the baby in the care of trusted retainers Morgan and Tara seek out the cause of the attacks. They find a huge underground computer center left over from the Atlanteans. The computer after being neglected for centuries has gone insane. The two manage to divert an underground river and destroy the computer. Making their way back they are too late to stop the demon priest Deimos from kidnapping baby Joshua.

Finally the quest for Shamballah comes to an end and what an end. Mariah love for Morgan is revealed and Machiste’s love for Mariah. A newborn son. Crazy giant computer and the kidnapping of son by the resurrected Deimos. A lot happens in this extra length special issue and it moves along at a rapid fire pace. A lot of surprises that made this a very satisfactory conclusion to Morgan’s quest. It also starts rolling another quest that’s bound to be exciting.


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