“Master of the Living Bones”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Dan Spiegle

Tragg’s tribe must now find a new home and decide on the caves by the ocean. After killing the cave bear they settle in with a celebration. Meanwhile a mysterious meteorite lands and Keera decides to see if it is more Yargonians. Instead it is an alien sorcerer named Ostellion. Ostellion was assassinated by his people and shot out into space. The mysterious Dark Gods have brought him to Earth and resurrected him. They need him to kill Tragg so that future descendants will not be a threat to them. The Dark Gods give Ostellion the power to re-animate skeletons.

Keera goes to Tragg and warns him but already Ostellion strikes by animating skeletons. Keera has enough power in her gun to save Tragg. Tragg then goes after Ostellion and has to fight a re-animated T-Rex skeleton. Tragg lures it over the cliff and whacks Ostellion with his stone ax.

“Tragg and the Jaws of Death”
Tragg and Lorn are coming back from a hunt when they come across a sabretooth fighting two wolves to protect their cub. Tragg kills the sabretooth and nurses the surviving she-wolf and cub back to health.

So Tragg now has a new threat. The Dark Gods those beings that once ruled Earth and thrive on evil. There is also another alien, this one of magic and not science. The prehistoric Earth is getting more interesting and I like the new villains that Tragg will have to deal with. Keera is now a friend of Tragg which is great since I liked Keera.

The short story was ok. Kind of simplistic but I like that they made an effort in these old Gold Key comics to inject some flavor with a short written story.

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