“Nobody Loves Me But My Mother( And She Could Be Jivin’ Me, Too)
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout has been seriously injured with two arrows to the back. Doody uses his mystical powers to heal him. Soon after Rosa and her Rangers arrive and drive Doody’s followers back to the missile silos. Doody climbs up and gets in the nose cone. Once again his mystical powers come into play and the missile is launched. It gets destroyed by a Soviet defense satellite. Scout is taken prisoner and sent to a hospital back east.

“The Gold Of Nam”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday tracks the general to Vietnam and an old temple. The general back in the war found a letter from a marine that was writing home about discovering a temple filled with gold. The general only knew the squad the letter came from so that is why he was killing all of Monday’s squad. He failed to kill the people who knew and the Legion of Man was using the general so they could get the gold for themselves. Monday and his friends take care of the general.

“La Duke’s Tips For Real Men”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Lesson one. La Duke has written a book on how to be a real man. He has Scout with him.
Tip#1 Wear Jackets that will cover your manly accessories like guns and knives.
Tip#2 Wear your hair short.
Don’t wear hair long or have a skirt or ever wear makeup. He is pointed this out on Scout who gets visibly angry and pulls his pistol.
Final Tip Know when to say bye.

So another chapter in the Scout saga comes to a close. Doody ends up blowing himself up in an explosion in orbit. VP Loper has succeeded in showing the public the dangers of being weak and Scout finds himself a captive. The short Monday storyline also ties up nicely. Both characters will come together in the next storyline. Everything tied up nicely and sets the stage for an exciting new plot.

The La Duke tips was hilarious. A frivolous one page feature. Some great comedy relief in a very serious comic.


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