“Terror Stalks the Everglades!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema

Ka-zar and Zabu have accompanied Drs. Barbara Morse and Paul Allen back to civilization specifically Florida. After a brief run in with the local authorities the four board a helicopter and take off to a secret installation in the Everglades. Ka-zar finally finds out why they need him. Their colleague Ted Sallis has disappeared and he is needed to complete a super soldier formula that the government is developing. At the same time agents of AIM(Advanced Idea Mechanics) are also stalking the swamps looking for him. AIM soldiers manage to shoot down the helicopter and Ka-zar must battle alligators. Later he tracks down the AIM goons who have captured the Man-Thing in a pit. The fight forces Ka-zar into the pit and he must face the Man-Thing.

Writer: Len Wein
Artist: Neal Adams

Ted Sallis has been changed into the grotesque Man-Thing while evading AIM agents after his super soldier formula.
Now he wanders the swamps. He follows a colleague Dr. Wilma Carver. She in turn along with his other friends are besieged in the compound by locals stirred up by an AIM agent that Carver is a witch. The Man-Thing arrives in time to take care of the mob but can’t save Dr. Carver as the AIM agent shoots her.

This issue is a wild ride. Roy Thomas always an excellent writer gives us a fast paced story with plenty of action. I found it enjoyable that Ka-zar is back in civilization and up against the sinister AIM organization. The Man-Thing story sandwiched in between gave us important background on what is going on. We have a great beginning of a new storyline with monsters, super evil organizations bent on world conquest and a mystery.

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