“All Men Are Mine”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is seriously injured from his ordeal with Stryker. He finds his spirit has gone over to the afterlife and the Spirit of Death is their to greet him. Death is a beautiful brunette woman in a gold bikini and very excited to have such a champion to her cause. Morgan is not ready to die yet and fights her tooth and nail. Death pits Morgan’s spirit against the monsters of Hell and when that doesn’t break his spirit she puts him on the rack. The love of Tara still drive Morgan to resist and Death decides to allow Morgan to live. She knows that in the end she will have Morgan’s soul.

An interesting filler story. Grell tells a story with the minimum of dialogue and full page drawings make this a visual treat. Now I never pictured Death as a hot chick in a gold bikini but I wouldn’t be upset if that’s what greets me when I die. The story is just killing time until the big extra length issue that’s coming next. We get to see what motivates Morgan and a hint of Mariah’s feeling for him. A good issue that leads up to the big reunion next issue.


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