“A Cure for Chaos!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Rudy Nebres

Banner has arrived in Switzerland to find a Nobel prize winning scientist that might have a cure for the Hulk. The search takes him to a small Swiss village were the scientist is conducting his experiments in a castle. He’s a surly guy who wants nothing to do with Banner and calls the police when Banner refuses to leave. This of course sets off the Hulk who proceeds to wreck the village. The villagers blame the scientist for creating a monster and form a mob to burn the place down. When Banner goes to warn the scientist he finds him conducting his experiments on a young woman. The mob arrives and sets a fire. This causes the gamma machine to go haywire and turns the scientist into a monster. Hulk defeats the monster and Banner must still wander in search for a cure.

“Countdown To Dark”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Bill Sienkiewicz & Bob McLeod

Moon Knight in his guise as mercenary Marc Spector has infiltrated the terrorists and is now confronted by a fake Moon Knight. A fight between the two results in the terrorist shooting at both of them. Moon Knight plays dead and is able to track the terrorists to their base and call in the police. He then tracks down the ringleader who turns out to be Lupinar. Lupinar is a guy who suffers from a rare disease that gives him the appearance of a wolf. Now he’s very bitter and blames the world for his appearance. A sword fight results between Lupinar and Moon Knight. Moon Knight is victorious but Lupinar chooses suicide and impales himself on Moon Knight’s sword.

The Hulk story was an interesting take on it. Sort of like an old Universal Frankenstein movie. I enjoyed the old European village atmosphere and it also gave the Hulk an opponent that had the strength to fight back.

The Moon Knight story came to a satisfactory end. All the wild plot twists from stolen artifacts to nuclear terrorists all came together. Moon Knight is an interesting idea and someday I may have to check out the series.


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