“A Day of Tigers!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Gil Kane

Ka-zar and Zabu are escorting the two lost travelers Paul and Barbara back to civilization. While watching the fire Ka-zar reflects back to how he became Ka-zar. His father had taken him to the Savage Land to escape men that wanted the secret of his Vibranium. While in the Savage Land man-apes lead by Maa-Gor kill his father. Luckily Zabu the last of the sabretooth tigers rescues the young Kevin Plunder. The man-apes had killed all the other sabretooths so the two bonded and became friends.

Kevin grew up and became known as Ka-zar which means son of the tiger. Still Maa-Gor hunted the two because Zabu had tore out his eye in the last encounter. Finally in the hills the two came together. Ka-zar manages to cause an avalanche and destroy the man-apes expect for Maa-Gor. He spares Maa-Gor’s life so he is forced to live alone as the last of his kind.

It is always welcome to get an origin story. I finally now get to see how Ka-zar became Ka-zar. Why he’s friends with Zabu. Its an exciting story and now that the title is dedicated solely to Ka-zar the story has more room to grow.

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