“The Hunter”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan, Machiste and Mariah are crossing a swamp on the last leg of their journey to Shamballah. After defeating a saurian creature the trio stumble into a trap. The trap was set by Stryker the CIA leader from Morgan’s visit to Peru. Appears Stryker holds a deep grudge for losing his job and the injuries he suffered. Now don’t know how that was Morgan’s fault but he’s determined to take it out on him. He has wired his friends with C-4. To rescue them Morgan must run a gauntlet of booby traps to reach the detonator.

So Grell decided to reintroduce the CIA character from issue 6. It an enjoyable action story. Grell as usual uses a lot of action drawing with little dialogue to convey the story. Sort of interesting to have someone from Morgan’s world to visit Skartaris. The big point that this issue had was that the journey is almost over and the big reunion with his love Tara is just around the corner.

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