“Season of Terror”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Bob Mcleod

Banner is heading to Switzerland to see a prominent doctor who may have the cure for the Hulk. His journey is interrupted by three terrorists who hijack the plane he is on. When the pilot tries to radio for help one of the terrorists shots him and the plane goes into a dive. This triggers the Hulk who manages to stop the plane from crashing. Later the survivors are still under the terrorists control and one shoots an old woman that Banner had befriended. This once again triggers the Hulk and he makes short work of the terrorists and carries the plane to the top of a mountain so searchers can find it easily.

“The Big Blackmail”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

Moonknight finds out that those behind the theft of the Horus statuette are terrorists. These terrorists are using the money to finance the theft of plutonium. They plan to blackmail the city of New York for one billion dollars with a nuclear bomb. Moonknight under his real identity of mercenary Marc Spector manages to infiltrate the terrorist. It ends with the terrorists confronted by a fake Moonknight. Meanwhile a mysterious man named Lupinar is getting a slide presentation about Moonknight.

Oh I remember the old days when you could carry on a chunk of plastic explosive the size of a bowling ball and pack sub-machineguns in your luggage. Very easy to be a terrorist back in 1979. Such simpler times. Of course these terrorists are dumb as rocks and no match for the Hulk. This is sort of the problem with the format of the new color series. While it worked for the TV series it just doesn’t for comics. The Hulk needs powerful villains to confront.

The Moonknight story is excellent. It is an ingenious way they used to give the reader background on the Moonknight. The story is moving along in a very interesting direction. Who is this Lupinar? Who is the fake Moonknight? Have to wait for the next issue.


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