Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Dan Spiegle

Tragg & Lorn enter the territory of a tribe that has domesticated Triceratops. The tribe is hostile to outsiders and captures them to take to their chief for execution. Tragg manages to save the live of the chief’s son and gains his gratitude although the number two man still insists that tradition be honored and Tragg & Lorn be executed.

Meanwhile Zorek plans to exterminate Tragg’s tribe because of Keera’s betray of him. Keera is freed by a Yargonian who is in love with her. Keera goes by her jetpack and finds Tragg & Lorn. Landing the tribe believes her a goddess and Keera wants Lorn put to death. The tribe have the two fight next to the pit of spears to the death. The fight is in doubt until Keera loses her footing and falls into the pit. Tragg manages to save her. Keera feels shamed after such a sacrifice and tells Tragg of Zorak’s plan. Tragg enlists the aid of the tribe to help rescue his people.

So finally we get the catfight between Keera and Lorn. Always love catfights and this was a pretty good one. So now Tragg has found allies to help him against the Sky Gods. Keera seems to have resigned herself to the fact that Tragg will never love her. The next issue points to an epic clash with the Sky Gods. There was a one page extra titled “Tragg’s World”. It explained how dinosaurs still survived in the little corner of Tragg’s world. An enjoyable entry in the epic soap opera of Tragg.

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