“Me and the Devil”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout was given the option of a full pardon if he kills the cult leader Doody. Doody is a friend of Scout’s and he declines the offer but goes off after Doody himself. Rosa has to go with plan B and takes off with Mossad agent Avner in Big Moishe the giant Israeli robot. The robot the pinnacle of Israeli technology has a total malfunction on the doorstep of Mt. Fire and Rosa and Avner are taken prisoner. Scout has penetrated the complex and rescues them but at the end is surrounded by Doody and his followers. Meanwhile the Disciples of Soul get a paying gig in Vegas. Finally a mysterious group called the Swords of Texas are watching the proceeding at Mt. Fire.

“Morning is the Long Way Home”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday the Eliminator has arrived to rescue his old Vietnam squad buddy. The guy is in bad shape with all the drugs he’s been taking. After easily taking out the professional hit squad, Monday takes Shorty to a mansion. The place is the home of another comrade from Vietnam who has made it big in computers. With Shorty save Monday goes after the mysterious person behind the assassinations of his old squad.

The storyline is really starting to heat up. Doody has access to nuclear weapons. He also shows some mystic abilities with his power to take out Big Moishe and turn the CIA agents that infiltrated his group. President Carver is showing that she is not under the thumb of VP Loper. It sets up a very interesting confrontation.

The Monday story is awesome. With his white hair, dark sunglasses and trench coat Monday is like a version of the Terminator. There is a mystery about his past and a mystery in who’s behind the killings. Indeed there’s a mystery in the motive. Makes you want more.

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