“To End in Flame!”
Writers: Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway
Artist: Barry Smith & Sal Buscema

The lava pipes from new Britannia cause the lake to shoot out steaming geysers. Ka-zar, Zabu and the marooned stranger Paul are separated. Ka-zar makes it to the mainland and is imprisoned by the Germans. He eventually escapes and finds out that the two leaders of the German and British factions are conspiring to keep the younger generation thinking that the war is still going. With the arrival of strangers this fiction is in danger and the two conspire to destroy both factions. Detonating an explosive device inside an active volcano they almost succeed but luckily Zabu manages to push them into the volcano. The German and English groups reconcile in peace.

So this is the first full length Ka-zar story in Astonishing Tales. Its an exciting story with a lot of twists and turns. Interesting the old guys running the thing are really kookoo. There is a twisted logic in their believe that they must have war for the younger ones to survive. But just deciding to destroy them all is kookoo. A great start to the new Ka-zar only stories. The Savage Land is shown to be filled with strange creatures and danger and lost kooky people.


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