Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Our travelers have stopped over in the port city of Bakwele. Machiste gets in a conversation about Morgan after they find him brawling in the local tavern. A sword in one hand and a full mug of wine in the other he smites his opponents with a smile on his face. Machiste recounts a story from the days of the gladiator army. A young boy named Aton came to join the rebellion. Morgan sends him away saying that Aton should enjoy life before choosing the life of a warrior. Soon after leaving the camp Aton is attacked by a dinosaur and Morgan has to save him. He makes Aton his herald to spread the word of freedom.

Mariah recounts her own story. Soon after entering Skartaris Morgan shows her a unicorn coming to a lake for a drink. The unicorn is killed by savages looking for it’s sacred horn. Morgan goes berserk and kills the savages then goes on his knees and weeps for the loss of the unicorn.

This is a great idea for a story. A sort of interlude to reflect on the complexities of Morgan. A man who revels in violence and savagery but still has compassion and sensitivity. A man who can inspire hope. He’s also someone who clearly enjoys the adventure and excitement in the savage world of Skartaris. A man who can be a kid and an adult at the same time. A very complex man which gives the Warlord such an interesting character. I can identify with the desire for adventure and excitement. A great issue.

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