“The Color of Hate!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Ernie Chan

The Hulk ends up on the south side of Chicago and chases off some cops hassling some kids. He then changes back to Banner and is taken in by a kindly old janitor. This is lucky for Banner since being white in the south side of Chicago can be dangerous for ones health. He tries to get him out at night but is discovered by some youths on a street corner. When they start pushing around the old man Banner Hulks out and then goes on a rampage.

Meanwhile the strongman from the carnival in the last story gets a job testing a new exo-skeleton that enhances his strength. His real purpose for the exo-skeleton is to get revenge on the Hulk. The Hulk bitch slapped him and he really holds a grudge. Hearing about the Hulk he confronts him in Soldier Field but while the exo-skeleton make him strong he’s still no match for the Hulk.

“Green Muscles!”

An interview with Lou Ferrigno the man who plays the Hulk on the TV series. We get background on his life. How he started in acting. Insights on his character and how the Hulk is created.

“Embassy of Fear!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists Keith Pollard, Frank Giacola & Mike Esposito

Moonknight arrives in time to save his girlfriend from getting shot by the museum curator that originally stole the Horus statuette from the museum. The only clue to who has the statuette leads Moonknight to Alponse Lecroix, the Chilean ambassador to the UN. Posing as his real persona of millionaire Steven Grant, Moonknight makes a deal to buy the statuette.

Another enjoyable issue in the new Marvel Color format. Once again the storyline deals with more down to Earth topics like racial tension. Something still relevant today. The Lou Ferrigno interview was interesting and informative. The Moonknight story is getting more interesting. This ambassador is a shady guy using his diplomatic immunity to shield him from his criminal enterprises. A growing mystery that hints at terrorist involvement. I eagerly await the next installment.


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