“Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up & See: The Boy Who Cried Hulk!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Fran Matera

The Hulk wanders into a carnival and accidentally starts a fire. Unfortunately a little boy followed him and is found at the fire. The carnival workers blame him and don’t believe his claims of a monster that did it. The boys father is a drunk that gets violent and beats the boy in punishment. Next day Banner wakes up in human form and finds the boy crying and with a black eye. He feels that its his fault an agrees to take the boy to the carnival. He then goes and gets a job at the carnival to pay for it.

Of course the carnival owner discovers that Banner brought the kid and gets angry. After Banner stops him from hitting the kid he naturally gets angry himself and Hulks out. The Hulk then proceeds to tear apart the carnival and in the end scares the boy’s father into getting therapy.

“Graven Image of Death”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Gene Colan & Tony Dezuniga

Moonknight a crime fighting superhero is out at night to stop a murder that he heard about. He’s too late but disguised as a cabbie he picks up the murder fleeing the scene and takes him to a mansion. After subduing the murdered he confronts the man who hired him. In the fight the man is killed by an old antique blackpower gun. The clues point to a Horus statuette that rival collectors are after. Moonknight goes back to the mansion where he had his associate Marlene sent to look for clues. It ends with her about to be shot by the man behind the killings.

The second color magazine is starting to establish what the theme will be. Its much more in line with the TV series at the time. There are no super villains or fantastic settings. The setting is a carnival with ordinary people and deals with domestic violence. An interesting story and I love the bright color look for the magazine. Hulk looks better in color than black and white.

The backup Moonknight story is a great choice for this magazine. Moonknight is a mysterious figure with a sidekick named Frenchie who flies him around in a helicopter. The story is intriguing mystery that I really got into and can’t wait to read the next installment. The Moonknight character has no superpowers but relies on his strength, agility and gadgets much like Batman.


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