“Bad to the Bone, Part II.. Got to Move”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

La Duke goes to the local Hells Angel gang to help him fight off Colonel Pate and his Salvation Army goons from taking his cattle. It does cost him 15 cows, one breeding bull and play three Mantovani cuts a day on his radio station. The last one seems to be the hardest for him to accept. Well La Duke and the gang put up a good fight but are on the verge of surrender. Luckily Scout comes in the nick of time with proof that Pate is not after the cows but the minerals under the land. To avoid a costly court fight Pate and La Duke come to an agreement.

Meanwhile Rosa and President Carver meet in a parking garage with Mossad agent Glanzman. They discuss what to do with VP Lopers plan to use the cult of Doody to take over a missile base. The only way is to find someone that can’t be linked to the administration and the likely candidate is Scout.

“Scout: QXB Portfolio”
Writer: Timothy Truman

A collection of character portfolios by artist that were old school buddies of Truman.
The Four Monsters by S.R. Bissette
Sgt. Major Rosanna Winter by Jan Duursema
The Gahn by Tom Mondrake
Sgt. Major Raymond Vaughn by Ron Randall
Guitar Man and the New Disciples by John Totleben
Doody by Rick Veitch
Scout by Tom Yeates
Missy by John K. Snyder 3

The issue concludes the battle with Colonel Pate. I didn’t really understand why it was easier to steal La Duke’s cattle than his land. I guess the legal system is really messed up in this dystopian alternate reality. The story is a set up for a major plot that will involve the shadowy governments attempt to portray America as weak by having Doody’s cult following take over Norad. An enjoyable action packed issue with some really great portfolios by many leading artists.


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