“Tower of Fear”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan, Machiste and Mariah are on horseback heading toward Shamballah. They come upon some hooded men burning a young woman alive tied to a cross. Naturally Morgan intervenes and singlehandedly wipes out the hooded men. The young girl named Alysha seems to believe that she should be sacrificed. Her people have lost the Mask of Life and her sacrifice was the only way to get it back.

Morgan agrees to get the mask for her from the Tower of Fear, an evil looking black tower. He gets in an argument with Mariah when he tries to make her stay behind. A bet is formed on who can reach to top first. Morgan cheats by locking the door after he enters. The two men climb up and must battle a large gelatinous creature and a portal that disgorges hordes of hellish demons. The two make it to the top and are surprised to finds Mariah waiting for them. She used anti-gravity disks at the base of the tower to ascend and wins the bet.

The tenth issue is a light hearted little romp the trio has on its journey. The story is straightforward and uses lots of large full page drawings to tell the story. The beautiful artwork and the humorous way that Morgan’s chauvinism is put in its place make the issue a leisurely fun and enjoyable read.

The main development is with the character Alysha and the Mask of Life. As before Grell likes to use the theme that appearances are deceptive. Alysha is really an old hag witch that uses magic to give the illusion of beauty. She is also a follower of Deimos and uses the mask to bring the Warlords old arch enemy back to life. An irony that the Warlord will soon regret.


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