“Thunder of Dawn!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Ricardo Villamonte

The Hulk is in northern California when he has one of his temper tantrums an destroys a giant redwood. He eventually calms down and changes back to Banner. The dawn finds Banner being awakened by a motorcycle whose rider comes by and crashes after jumping a log. The rider is Dawn Michaels a beautiful young woman. She offers to take Banner back to her cabin to get him some clothes and a meal. She works at a mine and gets a job for Banner there.

The Mine is secretly mining radioactive material to sell to South American terrorists. Dawn is an undercover report for the Daily Bugle investigating the mine. Sadly Dawn is killed by the evil owner but the Hulk is able to stop the sale to the terrorists and smashes up the whole operation.

“Bill Bixby Tells What It’s Like to Play TV’s Bruce Banner!”
An interview with Bill Bixby. He tells how he got into acting, how he got the part for the Hulk series and other interesting facts about the show.

“Gallery of Villains”
Writer: David Kroft
Artist: Ron Wilson

Another portfolio of villains the Hulk has battles. This one has Hercules Prince of Power, The Chameleon, The Executioner, Robot and the Leader.

“The Runaway and the Rescuer!”
Writers: David Anthony Kroft & D. Jon Zimmerman
Artist: Ernie Chan

A Hulk text story with illustrations. Hulk befriends a runaway six year old girl and saves her from a train.

So this is the first in the new format. The magazine now has a new title. The Rampaging is dropped and an exclamation point is added. Also what’s most noticeable is the bright color or MarvelColor as its called. This and the high quality paper is a big improvement over the old black and white format.

The other is to move the story into contemporary 1979. It is also going to be more in line with the TV series. Banner is now a loner who wanders the country. The stories will also be more human interest focus and less science fiction and super villains. This story was a sad one. It was handled nicely with the Hulk showing real sadness at the death of Dawn. Definitely a good start for this magazine.


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