“Slaves of Fire Mountain”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Dan Spiegle

The Sky Gods have decided to establish a base inside an active volcano. They need slaves to do the heavy lifting and luckily their puppet Gorth convinces the strongest men to go to the Sky Gods and worship them. When they get there it becomes quite clear that Tragg was right but its too late. The men are impressed into slave labor. Tragg’s brother Jarn manages to go to Tragg and tell him of the tribes predicament. The three go to Fire Mountain and while escaping a pterodactyl the three are captured. The leader Zorak wants to test the devolvo rays on Tragg turning him into a sub-human beast. Keera is still infatuated with Tragg even though he has rejected her. She manages to save Tragg and he along with his mate, brother and chief manage to escape. After fighting off a large reptile trapped in the volcano the four successfully escape with Tragg and Lorn going off to find others to fight for the cause of freedom.

So Tragg’s tribe finally learns the truth. Probably a little too late but Tragg and Lorn are no longer the outcasts that they once were. Keera is still infatuated with Tragg. Her fiancé Zorak suspects. Keera takes out her rejection on Lorn. Kind of like a soap opera with space aliens and cavemen. A real enjoyable treat.

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