Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Herb Trimpe

The man-god Damon is flooding the Savage Land and eventually the world. Ka-zar with the help of Zabu causes a stampede of dinosaurs that temporarily stops Damon. But he is an immortal god and it looks as if Ka-zar will be unable to stop him. Luckily Tongah’s sister finds a pod with the body of his lost love Lelania. She sacrifices her life so Lelania can be brought back to life. The two reunited lovers then blast off into space.

“…And if I Be Called Traitor!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Gene Colan

T’Challa gets the drop on Dr. Doom but Doom uses the honor of the Black Panther to get out. Asking for a fair fight when Black Panther drops his gun Doom then uses his energy ray in his armor to knock him out. Black Panther is resourceful and manages to bust out of captivity. He threatens to detonate the Vibranium if Doom doesn’t leave. Doom doesn’t call his bluff and returns home neither a victory or loser.

Both stories in this issue were sort of mediocre. Surprising since Roy Thomas always writes such excellent stuff. Not a lot happened in either stories and the protagonists didn’t have to do much to achieve victory.

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