“Lair of the Snowbeast”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan, Mariah, and Machiste have landed in a valley during a blizzard. The valley has a perpetual cloud cover preventing sunlight and making it a snowy wasteland in the tropical world of Skartaris. The three are attacked by the prehistoric progenitor of the wolverine. The giant wolverine mauls Morgan badly before be can put seven shots into its skull. Just then warriors on mastodons arrive and capture Mariah and Machiste leaving Morgan for dead. Luckily an intelligent Yeti comes along and uses its sorcery to heal Morgan. Morgan takes off to the warriors city to rescue his friends. In the fight when it looks like all is lost the Yeti comes back and rescues Morgan. Machiste thinking the Yeti is kidnapping Morgan impales it with a spear. Luckily the Yeti turns out to be a beautiful butterfly woman. She was cursed to live in the body of the Yeti until someone would come and see the inner beauty. Thus setting her free.

An enjoyable story. An unexpected snowy environment was an interesting change of pace. A major development is Morgan getting a new change of clothes. Gone is his tunic and in its place a loincloth. He will keep this look throughout the series. Another theme that Grell likes to write is that looks can be deceiving. That what is ugly is not necessarily evil and what is beautiful is not necessarily good. This comes up again throughout his writing and next issue will be another example.

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