“To Avenge the Earth”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Sal Buscema & Rudy Mesina

The pre-Avengers Iron Man, Thor, Ant-man, and Wasp have shown up to take on the Krylorian disguised as Iron Man. The Hulk is also there and being angry and confused he decides to just go smash everyone. Well the Krylorian manages to slip away and head back to the World Fair Grounds in Queens were their underground base is located. The Hulk and the other superheroes follow and eventually band together and destroy the Krylorian base and force them to flee the Earth.

“Shanna The She-Devil”
Writer: David Anthony Kraft
Artist: Tony De Zuniga

An artist portfolio showing sketches of the beautiful Shanna with a biography on her past history.

“The Wrath of Raga-Shah!”
Writer: Steve Gerber
Artist: Tony De Zuniga

Shanna has decided to take a break after the adventures she has had in Africa and India. She settles in San Pedro, California to continue studying veterinary medicine. She has a pet Python that she keeps and has little friendly fights with and sees a psychiatrist. One day with a friend at the new Taj Mahal shopping center she runs into a man that looks like her arch enemy Raga Shah. The man does turn out to be Raga Shah and his death cult of Kali runs the shopping center to finance the cult’s plan to bring death to the world. Shanna is captured and tied on an alter to be sacrificed but breaks free and kicks Raga Shah’s ass. She then feeds him to her pet python and decides to leave for Africa.

So this issue brings an end to the Krylorian Conspiracy. Probably about time but I did enjoy those kooky stumblebum Krylorians. I also enjoyed the retro Hulk adventures in the sixties. This is the last issue in the black and white format. The next issue will have a whole new look in color, story and high grade paper. Kind of missed the old format but greatly enjoyed the new format.

The Shanna stories and portfolio were excellent. Shanna has never been drawn to look so sexy. She has got to be one of the most beautiful women comic book characters. The portfolio did a great job of giving a summary of what happened to Shanna in the past. The story shows Shanna as one bad ass woman. Absolutely fell in love with her. If you read my Ka-zar entries you’ll see that she will be back.

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