“The Day the Earth Thundered”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Jessie Santos

Tragg and Lorn go back to their tribe to warn them about the Sky Gods plan to enslave them. But jealous Gorth does a good job of turning the tribe against them. Still the chief hears Tragg out and agrees to have him escort Gorth to see if the Sky Gods have returned. Seems a stupid idea to put Gorth who hates Tragg as the designated guy to accompany Tragg. True to his form Gorth knocks Tragg on the head and dumps him into a pit.

Tragg is a very strong caveman and still manages to slay a sabre-tooth barehanded and continue on. The Sky Gods have decided to exterminate the local tribe fearing they are a threat. Using Mesmagas on Gorth he will lead the tribe to a plateau where the Sky Gods can instigate a stampede of the dinosaurs to kill the tribe. Tragg meanwhile gets captured by the only female alien Kreera who happens to fall in love with Tragg. Tragg uses this to escape and with a captured jet pack stops the stampede. Unfortunately Gorth still turns the tribe against Tragg and he and his mate are forced once again into exile.

The second issue starts to set up what we can expect from this series. Tragg is very strong and smart and will singlehandedly save the day. The only female alien of course develops an obsession with him. The aliens are marooned and must conserve power which will limit their ability for mischief. This is a very fascinating and unique comic. Very fast paced with a lot of action going on.

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