“Bad to the Bone!”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Sam Parsons

It is now 2001 and Scout is wandering Colorado. After getting into a fight with some Hell’s Angels who are rustling cattle he meets Beauregard La Duke. A good ol’ boy from West Virginia who owns a town and has a large herd of cattle. His prosperity has drawn the attention of Colonel John Pate of the Salvation Army. He plans to confiscate La Duke’s herd. Luckily Scout is around to help stop his plans. Also Doody has gathered a large following with his strange blend of the Bible and Lord of the Rings. Government agents are manipulating Doody for some sinister Project Mountain Fire.

Writers: Charles Dixon & Timothy Truman
Artist: Timothy Truman

A special preview of a new series. Its a revival of an old ’40s comic series. In this story we are introduced to The Heap. A Swamp Thing/Man-Thing type creature. Originally Baron Von Emmelman a WWI pilot shot down and crashed in a swamp. The swamp turned him into a walking creature called The Heap. He later helps heroes in their battle against the Nazi and senses he is need again.

A new storyline for Scout. The new character of La Duke is a real treat and sounds like he was modeled on a real person. Fascinating that Truman envisioned the Big Tire Truck craze as surviving into the 21st century. Or maybe La Duke is a fan of the Fall Guy. Some other interesting developments. President Carver is no longer a junkie and is becoming a threat to the shadowy guys that control the government. Sgt Winters teams up with Israeli ambassador Glanzman who is also a Mossad agent to find out what’s behind the sinister Project Mountain Fire. Also the Salvation Army is a very weaponized organization in this alternate history America. Who would have thought that?

The Airboy is an interesting glimpse. I have heard of this comic and it does sound interesting. The Heap is probably the inspiration for Swamp Thing/Man-Thing characters. The series does have an old pulp feel to it.

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