“‘Ware the Winds of Death!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Barry Smith

Ka-zar is escorting his friend Tongah back to this village. The peaceful night is disturbed by the coming of Damon. Damon a god-like being long ago lost his love Lelania in an accident in the Savage Land. In his grief he tried to drown the Savage Land. He disappeared for an unknown reason but now is back. Still pissed off he is once again trying to flood the Savage Land.

“The Tentacles of the Tyrant!”
Writer: Larry Lieber
Artist: George Tuska

Doom has tortured information from some poor guy that Vibranium is located in Wakandia. Doom need the Vibranium to build invincible rockets. So he uses his underground drilling machine to tunnel from Latveria to Wakandia. His tunneling sets off a volcano which attracts the attention of the Black Panther who is also the king of Wakandia.

The Ka-zar story starts off with potential. Seems the Savage Land is just awash with omnipotent gods. I didn’t understand why Tongah and Ka-zar were fighting unless it was the influence of Damon. Hopefully it will be clearer in the next issue.

The Dr. Doom story is another interesting one. This time he’s going up against an bona fide hero. It looks like they will have a story that you won’t be rooting for Doom.

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