“Hellhound on My Trail”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and his chipmunk Ghan are in the hill of New Mexico. It his here that Scout has hallucinations about being attacked by childhood Apache boogeymen the Goden and the Clown. Good thing a Uzi takes care of them. Then he has to face a Hellhound that turns out to be himself. Meanwhile President Carver meets with the ambassador of Israel who offers help. Doody the poor simple boy that was tortured is blind and wandering the desert. He has gathered a following on his teachings from the Lord of the Rings.

Artist & Writer: John K. Snyder III

Francis Knight has gone back to visit a childhood friend on a small island. She reminisces about her childhood.

So the Scout story was sort of a break between two storylines. Scout comes to terms with himself. We get to see potential stories with Doody’s religious followers and the Israeli offer. An OK story. Beautiful artwork and the hint of something to come.

The Fashion In Action story comes to an end in Scout. It goes on to its own book which I never bothered to get or read. It wasn’t missed and gets replaced by something far more interesting.


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